Friday, December 30, 2011

Jim Lee

This is my second try at the amazing Jim Lee. I approached this as another excercise in keeping life through loose linework. I'm not quite sure how I feel about how it came out. By the end of the page I could feel myself exerting more and more control. This resulting in a conflicting feel throughout the page. I might try this one again in the new year. Or maybe a different Jim Lee peice. All in all, I feel this is as good a peice as any to end the year on.

Thanks to all of you for checking out my inks in the year 2011. Let's make 2012 a better year year for all things comic book.

Happy New year to all. 


  1. I need a copy of this brother. AWESOME!

  2. I know this is really late but do youstill want a high res of this?

  3. I'd love a high res, color version of this. O_O <3