Friday, August 27, 2010

Adam Kubert

Adam Kubert is a different kind of penciller than I am used to working on. They are very loose and kinetic yet have lots of detail. I have a tendency to be very stiff and super controled with my brush so I really had to loosen up. This was inked mostly with Hunt 102 Crowquill.

Diego Bernard

Here is page one of a graphic novel I am inking. The Pencils are amazing and so much fun to work on. I'm 5 pages in and have finally found my groove. It's just going to get better from here on in.

Lional Frances Yu

This is one half of a two page spread. Someday I'll get around to inking the other half.The most difficult part this page was trying to keep some separation with each character. It's a very busy page.

Jim Lee

It's Jim Lee drawing Superman and Batman. Need I say more? I had to throw down on this.

Eric Basaldua

Now here is a great talent. When I heard his portfolios were stolen from his table at SDCC, I just felt the need to hunt down one of his pencil pages and throw down the inks.

Steve McNiven

Steve McNivens work is so awesome that I don't need a reasontobe excited about it. The fact that this page is Wolvie slashing at the Hulk just makes it that much sweeter.

Barry Windsor Smith

BWS is one of my biggest heroes. His art has always been an ispiration to me.So when I came across some of his pencils from Solar Man Of The Atom, I wasn't sure if I was up to the challenge. I knew I'd have to face my fears sooner or later and well...this is the result. Ultimatelt it was the most fun I've ever had inking a page.

Olivier Coipel

I found some pencil scans of one of my favorite pencillers and decided to give them a try.