Saturday, December 17, 2011

Greg Capullo

The first time I ever saw Greg Capullos work was in an antholgy book put out by Caliber comics called Gore Shriek. I was hooked. I folloed his carreer from there to X-Force and all the way to his current work. So when I say I had fun working on this page, it should be read as an understsatement. I had a complete blast.

Lately, my work has been getting feedback in one area particular, how stiff I make the pages feel after inking them. Sucking the life out of them, if you will. Now for an inker, hearing that is almost as bad as being called a tracer. This is the main reason I chose Greg Capullo to practice on. His work is so kinetic that any loss of energy can be immediately seen. Which forces me to keep the life in every line I throw. I realy feel like I loosened up with this bad boy and just let the pen fly. I must say it felt realy good to just let go of some of the control I usually exert in the inks.

Over all I feel the exercise was a success and will definetly try some more Capullo in teh future.

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