Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Arthur Adams

Arthur Adams. Comic book Deity. Penciling god. Scary as hell to ink. He lays down exactly what he intends to be seen on the page. There is no mistaking his style for anything. Yet, it is easy to vary you lines just enough to make the page look like an imitation of Art Adams. It's like comic book surgery.

Well here is my last butchery, er, umm, I mean surgery attempt on his pencils. The scan was a little low res for my taste but, It was worth giving it a shot.I'm a little bit pleased with the outcome. I think. I'm never sure when it comes inking my heroes.

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  1. Hey Victor,Its John S. how are you bro its been a LOONG TIME GREAT INKS I AM A FAN STILL!!!!!!!Please contact me man I NEED SOME GUIDENCE