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I am a 34 year old father of 5 who has always thought about breaking into comics. Well now I am GOING to break into comics. I am primarily an inker but will pencil the occasional short story or pin-up. Creating comics and drumming are my true passions in life.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tim Vigil

Can it get more intimdating than this. Tim Vigil, the single greatest influence on me artisticly paying homage to Frank Frazetta who is arguably one of the greatest fantasy artist of all time with hi rendition of Frazettas most iconic character, The Death Dealer. Hmmmm. No I don't think so.

But this is the year where I am going to push myself to the limit of my inking ability and beyond. I am very pleased with the way this came out. I sat down fully intending to use brush because, well, because that's what Tim would do, but I decided to make it mine and use my usual tools of Micron Pigma markers. I figured it would give it a feel that is not just trying to mimic Tims inking style. I stayed away from the usual crosshatching that I love to use because I figured it would make the imahe stati. So to keep the fluidity of the peice I tried to maintain a left to right and right to left movement while throwing my lines.

Maybe someday Tim will see this and give some feedback on how he feels it turned out. Until then, I will seek out more of his pencils and give them my all.

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  1. Tu trabajo en el entintado es fenomenal. Saludos Victor