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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Roger Cruz

I came across three sequential pages by Roger Cruz and they really caught my eye. These pages were very busy, and I don't get a chance to challenge myself with these types of pages very often. So I figured I would go for it. I must say it was a bigger challenge than I thought it would be. I needed to go with much thinner lines than usual because of the average size of figures in each panel and I wanted room to play with line weights to separate planes. I also decided to stay away from templates and straight edges for this one. I think it would have given it a steril feeling and I needed to preserve the kinetic energy of the page. I still wanted fairly straight lines though. So I found myself throwing lines in a different manner than usual. I would pull away from my body very quickly and stop abruptly with the pen still touching the paper. This gave a neat little pool of ink at the end of the lines that just gave them a little character. Which is what I needed.

This was an extremely fun page to work on. There are a few missed opportunities here and there but I am pretty well pleased with the way it turned out. It usualy takes me a few pages to get in sinc with a penciler so I figure by the time I get to page three, I should have a good idea of how to tackle some Roger Cruz penciling. I put about seven hours into this page and used various sizes of Micron Pigma markers for all the line work and filled in the blacks with brush and ink.

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