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I am a 34 year old father of 5 who has always thought about breaking into comics. Well now I am GOING to break into comics. I am primarily an inker but will pencil the occasional short story or pin-up. Creating comics and drumming are my true passions in life.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Eric Basaldua Zombie Attack

This is a page from the ridiculously talented EBAS. I was using this as a warm up page before I started my daily page work. So I worked on it about 15 to 20 minutes at a time. There was no real reason behind inking this one other than it just looks so frikkin cool!
There was so much going on in this page, the real challenge was trying to keep all the amazing detail without making mud. So I went a little thicker with some of the holding lines than I usually would and concentrated on giving each mass it's own space to breath.
This one was so much fun that I didn't want to stop and start my work. But in the end I just dug in for some intense short periods of time and am very pleased with the outcome.

N.A.S. Studios

Well I thought I might share some of the ink work I have been doing for N.A.S. Studios over the last six months or so. No interiors as of yet but quite a few covers, pin-ups and promo pieces. So have a look and enjoy.

The pencils done by these artists in order:
Patrick Blaine
Savy Lim
Juan R. Leal
Bruno Ma
Savy Lim
Chris Cagle
Danny Cruz

All artwork Copyright and Trademark N.A.S. Studios

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Keu Cha II

Here is another piece by Keu Cha. I just love his pencil work so much that I just printed this out and went to work on it and it was done in about two hours. It all just kind of came out of me pretty fluidly and naturally. This has actually pushed me into loosening up a bit and just trusting in the line I am throwing without over thinking it.

Jae Lee

Pencils by Jae Lee
Inks by Vic Moya

Friday, January 25, 2013

Keu Cha

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I am absolutely in love with the new stuff Keu Cha is turning out. I had to try my hand at some of his Hex The Lost Tribe stuff. Now these pages are not intended to be inked and are going straight from pencils to color. So my challenge was to keep some of that loose, organic feel and not make it too clean. I was so happy with the outcome of the page that I have already started inking on a few more of his larger pages, which are basicly a double page spread. Con season is coming up soon and with any luck I will be able to show these pages to him and get some feedback from the man himself.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Greg Capullo

Well, I wanted to start the year off with a few portfolio pages I am particularly proud of. I finally found the guts to tackle the pencil work of Greg Capullo, who is an amazing artist. I have been a fan of his work since I saw his installment in an old anthology called Gore Shriek.
Now some say,"Well Capullo is such an awesome artist that you can't screw up inking his pencils!" I disagree. Gregs pencils are filled with detail but once you get a closer look, he is also pretty loose with his lines. He gives you all the information you need to know what is there, but if you do not know how to draw, it can be very easy to get lost or misinterpret his lines. Oddly, this gave me quite some confidence while laying down inks and it felt rather natural. Having labored for hours upon hours over my drawing table learnig the basics of drawing and more, the more inked of his page, the more excited I was to continue!
I feel pretty good about the way they turned out and were included in my latest submission packed which has actualy landed me a few gigs. Well I hope you enjoyed and take care.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tim Vigil

Here is another attempt to do some justice to ever great and powerful Tim Vigil. Now the pencils were not meant to be inked so I had make some decisions on how to interpret them. Hope I made the right choices. I feel pretty good about this one. I inked this with a 102 crowquill and a brush just to fill in blacks.